Tiggles Naks were launched in 2011 and they have become one of Zimbabwe’s most popular snacks! They are crunchy and delicious, and children absolutely love them.

Tiggles Naks are made in a state-the-art factory in Harare. Every packet of Tiggles Naks are bursting with flavour! Try our tasty Cheese, delicious Sweet Chili, scrumptious Tomato Relish, classic Fruit Chutney, succulent BBQ Beef or more adventurous Party flavour. Start chipping away at a packet of Tiggles Naks today!

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Mega Snax puffed corn snacks were launched in 2010 and they have become a family favourite! Lots of Zimbabweans have a friend-chip with Mega Snax puffed corn snacks.

Try our popular Savoury Onion Rings or mouth-watering Chicken Rings that come in a 100g family size packet! They are baked, yummy and the perfect addition to any road trip, games night or meeting. Bring some flavour into your life, try Mega Snax puffed corn snacks.

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About Us

We make Zimbabwe’s best snacks and have fun while doing it! There is a savoury treat for every occasion! Whether you’re looking for a snack to enjoy while relaxing at home, or for your child’s lunchbox or for a weekend get-together – we have you covered! Anytime is crunch time with Tiggles Naks and Mega Snax puffed corn snacks.